"> [VIDEO] Using the Hypnagogic State of Consciousness to Relax Your Eye Nerves

[VIDEO] Using the Hypnagogic State of Consciousness to Relax Your Eye Nerves

In the previous video I mentioned a meditation exercise that I sometimes use to give myself a quick refresh when I’m feeling mentally tired or my eyes aren’t staying relaxed.

People call this the hypnagogic state, or hypnagogic hallucinations, but like many aspects of the mind and vision it is not well understood by modern science. I don’t consider them hallucinations at all.

I stumbled onto using it for this purpose on accident. I’ll be lying in bed entering this state, expecting to go to sleep, and I’ll suddenly feel much more alert right away and end up getting back up and working on the computer for another hour or two.

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Author: David

I founded iblindness.org in 2002 as I began reading books on the Bates Method and became interested in vision improvement. I believe that everyone who is motivated can identify the roots of their vision problems and apply behavioral changes to solve them.

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I’ve read that meditation causes depression but praying is the needed talk. Reading some Godly books is guaranteed to put you to sleep. I also bought a pillow from monks which is hard, in addition the neck is out of it and now many pains have gone away! it helps to keep electronics away in the night, the time when melatonin starts to form, the sleep hormone!


Lovely instructional video. I loved the marine presentation as well and I feel if David’s instructions are correctly followed many people will benefit.

Also the relaxing hues of blue give the lie to the idea, bombarded on us by the media, that blue light is harmful to us and disturbs our sleep at night.