Eyesight problems are a pandemic of modern society. Eyeglasses, when they are a solution at all, are not an acceptable solution. The Problem With Glasses

We believe that you can recover your eyesight naturally, over a wide variety of types of blurry vision and visual disorders, and that you can do so without surgery, drugs or glasses, even in long-standing cases that began in childhood. We believe that the way you use your eyes and mind are the biggest factors in good vision and eye health. The methods presented on this website are based loosely on the Bates method, developed in the early 20th century by a little-known eye doctor, W.H. Bates.

Is it special glasses? A dietary supplement or drug?

NO! You were born with eyes that were made to work without help from any weird products that people have come up with over the years to market. It is NOT one of the dozens of gimmicky packages for sale on the internet that are not effective. This method is free. It isn’t new. It describes how the visual system must work, and therefore how you need to use it better.

So it’s eye exercises? Eye stretching?

No, it isn’t about exercising the eyes. Your eye muscles do not need to be stronger. Your eyes, however, do need to be used more effectively. It’s like learning a sport that you should have already known how to perform. You have picked up bad habits that are ruining your visual performance, so you need to re-learn how to see. And any athlete will tell you that getting better at a sport is mostly mental.

See the Introduction for more on what this method is about.

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