Eyesight problems are a plague of modern society. Eyeglasses, when they are a solution at all, are not an acceptable solution.

We believe that you can recover your eyesight naturally, over a wide variety of types of blurry vision and visual disorders, and that you can do so without surgery, drugs or glasses, even in long-standing cases that began in childhood. We believe that the way you use your eyes and mind are the biggest factors in good vision and eye health. The methods presented on this website are based loosely on the Bates method, developed in the early 20th century by a little-known eye doctor, W.H. Bates.

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Nutrition Myths and a Healing Diet

If you’re open to the idea that the conventional wisdom of eye problems is wrong – that nearsightedness and other conditions can be reversed – then maybe most of the “experts” in other health-related fields are wrong too? You can blame it on corruption, inertia, brainwashing… It doesn’t matter.

For the last twenty years we were brainwashed with the food pyramid. A few years ago the US Dept of Agriculture lowered their recommendations for grains a little with their latest guide, resulting in nearly equal portions of fruit, vegetables, grains and protein. They are still wrong. 

Now you’ve probably heard of the alternative diets that have gone around lately. Paleo, Atkins, Mediterranean, Alkaline, South Beach… not to mention the classic ones like vegan and raw foods. There are some good things about these alternatives. They recognize problems with the “Standard American Diet” and try to fix them. And I’ve tried some of them.

So the reason I’m writing today is I started an interesting diet three weeks ago, and the results are so good that I felt like I should share it with you, even this early. During that time I’ve eaten tons of the approved food – over-ate many times – and have missed a lot of workout days. And still I lost an inch off my waist. I also have more energy than I’ve ever had as an adult, a clearer head, and stable blood sugar levels no matter whether I pig out on large meals or don’t eat for most of the day. And it works for me because I don’t have to go hungry or eat only “light”, unsatisfying foods.

Guess what I’m eating? High fat. Some other stuff too, but mainly huge amounts of saturated fat. I’m talking butter, coconut oil, eggs, meat, more butter… and sure, a few vegetables. And more butter.

My source for this diet is www.healingnaturallybybee.com. Bee Wilder has been running it for 8 years, offering many articles, links to other resources, consultations, and she answers questions daily on her Yahoo groups (which is more than I can say for myself on the iblindness forum). Basically, I’m impressed, and what she says makes sense.

Her recommendations are based partly on the work of Weston A. Price, a dentist who it just so happens was doing his work at the same time as Dr. Bates. Like Bates studied people with the best vision, Price studied the diets of cultures with the best dental health and other signs of superior health. Bee’s work also includes a perspective on candida overgrowth, other diets, and other diseases. Her perspective is that the body is capable of avoiding or reversing all kinds of diseases if given the right conditions, much like I see the visual system as operating correctly and easily if you treat it right.

Here’s some teasers.

  • The cholesterol theory is a myth.
  • The germ theory of disease is also wrong.
  • The “alkaline diet” meant to change your gut’s pH from too acidic to alkaline won’t work.
  • The fungus candida is not an invader that takes over. It is cultivated by the body because of another problem.
  • Carbohydrates are not needed for energy. Fat is more effective.
  • Eating fat does not make you fat. Eating LOTS of fat does not make you fat.

Read through Bee’s site. If you try her diet out, I’d love to hear from you after a few weeks. I’ll make another post at some time in the future with an update.


My next post will be myths on exercise. Continuing with the theme, almost everything you will hear or read about a good workout plan is wrong. I’ve picked up a few things from having worked in the fitness industry for the past several years and experimenting with different types of workouts.

How Do You Talk About Your Eyes?

Every good teacher knows that the last thing you want to do to an impressionable child is to call him stupid, because he may believe you, then start living to that label. Similarly, I’ve had vision students who proclaimed “I’m blind without my glasses!”, or recently “Seeing is not my gift.”! I usually start my discussion of this topic by saying  “Your eyes are listening!”.

When I was growing up, wearing thicker and thicker eyeglasses, my mother often worried aloud about “Nancy’s bad eyes”. I know this came from concern about me, and was not intended as criticism, but I could feel my energy sink every time she said this. My eyes needed a support system back then, or a cheerleader, someone who believed in them and encouraged their ability, and I didn’t have that.

I have other negative memories of people criticizing my eyes’ performance. An early boyfriend regularly called me “El Blind-O”, thinking he was being funny. In 2nd grade the teacher had said I was such an excellent reader, I could work as a proofreader for a publishing company when I grew up. Since I so loved books already, I was thrilled, and ran home to tell my mother. She snapped, “With your eyes, you’d be blind in a month!”. Of course I was crushed, as my eyes and visual centers took one more blow to any remaining confidence they might have had.

As I continue to improve my vision, I can still catch myself thinking “Oh, I won’t be able to see that”, sometimes before I even look! I aways stop for a moment, maybe do some EFT (“tapping”) on being worried I can’t see, then tell myself some optimistic positive facts about my vision. Often, if I’m aware and present, not running on automatic pilot and reflex, I can see pretty well. And the longer I relax and let the image come to me instead of grabbing for it, the clearer the view becomes.

Of course telling myself I can see perfectly at all times feels like a lie, because it is! So I focus on statements that are true, like:

I can see everything I need to see.

My eyes are healthy, moist, and alive.

I am so grateful for the abundant colorful riches my vision brings to me.

I am working with my eyes and mind to see in a clearer, more relaxed way.

You get the idea. Think about yourself — do you often gripe about your “bad back”, or even your “messy house”? When you say it, you reinforce it — your words are powerful! Why not use them to encourage something you actually want in your life, instead of just more of the same?

My Game Face And Strong Lenses

In a recent session with my EFT coach, we discussed my reaching out to further expand my coaching business. I told my coach that I am uncomfortable reaching out to others, whether it be on-line or in person, because I expect criticism. And what’s more, this is reflected in extreme body tension — when I imagine connecting with someone new, I can feel constriction in my skull, and my jaw clenching. It’s as if I’m gritting my teeth and forcing myself to go forward, even though I don’t really want to, telling myself, “I’ll get through this ordeal somehow!”.

Clearly this is not relaxing, and not healthy for me. We’ve talked before about how tense and nervous I was as a child. It was a new insight that when I was younger I was in constant conflict with myself from wanting so much to communicate and be understood, yet at the same time bracing against the strong negative response I expected. I have carried more of this pattern forward into my adulthood than I want to, and I’m ready to change this now.

As we tapped and unraveled this dynamic further, I began to see that I approach most if not all social interactions as if I was preparing to give a presentation in my corporate job, or to go into battle! This may be true even if I’m planning to interact with someone I know well. I can’t relax and just be myself — I have to keep my game face on.

So, finally, to vision. Were those thick glasses my armor as a child? As I shed diopter after diopter, decades later when I started vision improvement, more of the Real Me could be seen, and yes, I felt more vulnerable. But I also felt freer and certainly more relaxed. It feels so good to be seen just as I am, no armor, no game face.

This confirms my thought that my continued vision improvement has as much to do with my emotions as with my eyes. I don’t need to push myself or my words “out there”, then brace with a clenched jaw for the flood of return input. I don’t need to attack my surroundings with my vision to be able to see clearly! I want to be “in the flow”, easily letting my energy go out and easily receiving the current of energy coming back from others, like a pleasurable dance. Might you also be working too hard at something that should come naturally?

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