Eyesight problems are a plague of modern society. Eyeglasses, when they are a solution at all, are not an acceptable solution.

We believe that you can recover your eyesight naturally, over a wide variety of types of blurry vision and visual disorders, and that you can do so without surgery, drugs or glasses, even in long-standing cases that began in childhood. We believe that the way you use your eyes and mind are the biggest factors in good vision and eye health. The methods presented on this website are based loosely on the Bates method, developed in the early 20th century by a little-known eye doctor, W.H. Bates.

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My Mother’s Beliefs About My Vision

My mother wore her own dark-framed eyeglasses (which were a bit scary to me) at all times. She first got glasses as a teenager, after struggling to see in school, seated far back in the classroom behind a tall boy who blocked her view. She was determined that if I showed signs that I couldn’t see, she wanted me to have glasses right away — that was all she knew to do for me. She didn’t see my extreme anxiety, or chose not to. She took me to the eye doctor a few times a year from age 5 on, usually to get stronger glasses.

My mother often worried about “Nancy’s bad eyes” when I was growing up. Even now this phrase makes my heart sink, and feel defeated and hopeless, as if I was bad. I tried so hard as a child to do everything she asked of me! In a recent session with my EFT coach we did some tapping on this. “Mom says I have bad eyes” went from having a very strong sting for me, to not bothering me much — Mom didn’t know everything!

In this tapping round I could feel my anxiety lowering, and I was able to get out of that childish Survival Mode reaction to think more clearly. My mother was right, within her own limited framework — remember, she’d worn glasses most of her life. But that does not have to be MY truth! When I was a child I was in such a state of near-panic so often, I didn’t have the luxury of taking the time to choose my beliefs and responses. Now I do.

Another factor here is that my mother saw the daughter she wanted me to be instead of seeing who I really was. Or perhaps she saw me as the young girl she could have been if her life had been different, and saw a chance to relive her own youth through me. It was as if she wanted me to be her clone! She would frequently try to change my mind about what I wanted, urging me toward something she preferred instead. She’d say “Oh Nancy, you don’t feel that way!” which always confused me. How could she know how I felt better than I did?

It’s taken me a very long time to accept my mother and what she gave me, without blaming her or complaining. She had a hard life, and did the best for me she could, given what she knew. When I recognize how flawed her thinking was, I feel sorry for her. She was stuck in a box of limitations too. I’m grateful I have more choices today than I did back then.

Mom was not the villain, forcing me to wear those thick glasses. She wanted me to see well enough to succeed in school, but didn’t realize what I really needed was calm and quiet, and to be allowed to play.

Have you absorbed some family “truth” which isn’t true for you any longer, and might be holding you back? I am finding my own personal truth, and part of that is that my eyes are more than good, they’re wonderful! I am so thankful for my eyesight, and for my insight.

How Do Your Eyes Look To You?

For most of my life, I thought I had very dark brown eyes, almost black. After several decades of wearing strong hard contact lenses, I eventually stopped and freed my eyes to learn to see naturally. The contacts had a grayish tint when I took them out, just from being so thick. Now I could really see my eyes, uncovered and unhidden. They are dark brown, but definitely not black — my black pupil is much darker than my iris. The contacts hid the true color of my eyes from me and the rest of the world. This feels like a metaphor for hiding my true self.

When I started vision improvement, my eyes looked scared to me, a bit overwhelmed, as if there was too much to deal with. Now I’d like to think they look kinder, not so defensive. I’m also noticing that my eyes are gradually opening wider, letting in more light so I can see better more naturally. I’m paying close attention, catching myself when I start to pull in the corners of my eyes and begin to squint. Then I gently remind myself I can see more if my eyes are wide open, and relaxed, not trying.

The picture is me at about 5 years old. I remember the school photographer asking me to take my glasses off, and probably telling a little joke to elicit this smile. I see this as a reminder of how free I can be without glasses, letting my joy out and being who I really am. My eyes and forehead are relaxed here. I visualize this photo sometimes to remind my body and mind that I already know how to keep my visual system in a happy calm state.

One of my vision teachers, Dr. Marc Grossman, has a degree in Chinese medicine as well as one in optometry. In workshops he has people look in a mirror at one eye at a time, to see what they feel and perceive. He says the right eye is the Father Eye, storing emotions about your father or other males in your life or about being a male yourself. The left eye is the Mother Eye. Some people find major differences between their 2 eyes, perhaps “My right eye looks like it’s angry at me, and my left eye looks cold and withdrawn”. Doing this exercise yourself might lead to some interesting insights about you and your history, so I invite you to try it.

The flip side of this is how you feel looking at your eyes. These precious under-appreciated organs work so hard for you! Do you look into the mirror at your eyes with resentment, annoyed that they aren’t seeing perfectly? Are you impatient that they seem to need rest, when you want to push them and get more work done, right now? Are you dismayed that they show your sadness to the world, when you’d rather hide that and pretend you’re “fine”?

We’ve all heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I do think they’re an indication of the health of a person, both emotionally and physically. My energy medicine teacher Deborah King tells us to look at a client’s eyes for an initial read on how she or he is doing, and what might be going on with the person. The whites of my eyes (the sclera) is clear and bright now, when it used to be slightly bloodshot, all the time, from the irritation of the thick contacts. My eyes are softer-looking to me too, not bulging forward with that myopic “Give me that clear image!” desperation.

When you look into a mirror, what are your eyes saying to you? Like beloved friends, they are doing their best for you, so please treat them well, and appreciate them. Shining eyes indicate a shining spirit. Don’t deprive us of seeing yours!

Surfing Through Memories

Just a minute ago I was trying to remember the name of a musical artist and it was like I already knew what his name was, but it just slipped my mind and I couldn’t recall it. I was going to just let it go and not worry about it but I decided no, that I would get comfortable, palm, relax, and really think clearly to discover what that memory was and where it was hiding.

So I started thinking, but it was more like visualizing. I was going through mental pictures/memories of this artist that I had seen or watched. What was weird was that my train of thought eventually went way far off but then I suddenly came back to this idea and a mental image popped in my mind and I had remembered the name.

I’m really interested in this stuff and I’d like to get better at accessing memories and having less “tip of the tongue” occurrences. I think what it entails is being relaxed enough to let yourself visualize through the memories that you are searching around until you get closer and closer to the memory that triggers. Mental-health-007

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